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About Flowfeel

After completing two feature comedy films with Chicago's funniest talents in the mid 2000's Flowfeel Films relocated to Los Angeles in 2013. In 2015 they signed a management contract with Collab Studios to launch Flowfeel Digital-short form digital content and other television concepts.

Flowfeel Films attempts to produce material that holds a mirror up to our society while using comedy to explore the delicate emotions involved in the human condition. Themes explored have been idealization, competition, gender bias, societal pressures, politics, and cognitive dissonance. 

Who We Are

Jessica Hardy and Brent Kado founded Flowfeel Films. In 2010 they also founded the Chicago Comedy Film Festival which runs annually. They currently split time between Los Angeles and the Midwest. Hardy is an actress and Kado is a writer/director and an adjunct faculty instructor for Columbia College Chicago. You can learn more about them individually by going to their pages.